A few weeks ago a friend packed up her townhouse and moved to Calgary. In an effort to help her clean out her place, I brought home 3 car-loads of stuff. Eek! I wouldn’t let most of this stuff in past the garage. In the process of helping her with the transition it quickly became evident that what is one persons treasure is another persons trash, so some of it went promptly back out to the Goodwill, in other donations and to people I knew could make good use of it.

In the small, but fun pile of leftovers were sample tins of paint. You know me, I like to paint things, so that’s exactly what I did!

My Temporary Art Fix will soon clash with new drapes in my dining room, so it’s time for an upgraded piece of artwork. What’s to say I can’t be an artist?


I recovered the canvas in fabric I had lying around the basement, rolled it with primer and got creative!!

I stole the idea for gold leaf from other people’s diy abstract art projects found online. As well as the concept that anything, as long as you like it, can be abstract art!


Gold leaf is fun and easy to use. It’s fragile and easily broken from its square shapes, but who wants structured squares in art? This is supposed to be abstract after all.


The benefit of DIY artwork is that you can incorporate the colours you wish from other accents in the room. You can’t see them all well here, but the are hints of red and orange and yellow and blue, in addition to the browns and greens that make up the primary colour palate of the room. We’ll see how long this piece of artwork lasts on my wall before I’m inspired to upgrade it a fourth time! For now, I like it!

abstract art with gold leaf

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