From Tomatoes to Twinkly Lights

If it’s rude to analyse neighbours houses from the outside while dog walking past, then I’m guilty! The most noteworthy issue is the amount of stuff people have crammed into their garages, but at this time if year one can also analyse the holiday light displays. My immediate neighbours somehow extracted a sleigh and eight not-so-tiny reindeer from the depths of their garage which no longer fits either of their two cars or small trailer which are parked outside of it.

My goal is always to avoid the immense collection experience and to maintain space for the car. I decided that trees, or cone shaped forms are ideal for my Christmas decorating, but I don’t have any trees to speak of and didn’t want to start the collection of Christmas shapes to be stored in the garage. Instead I got crafty with some items from the opposite season. Enter the tomato supports!

four images

DIY Tomato Support Light Trees

You’ll simply need tomato supports, twist-ties, one elastic band and one string of 70-100 lights per ‘tree.’

Start with the elastic band and pull the point together. Then, starting at the pointed top, it’s a quick wind of the lights down the cone. 

three pictures of christmas lights wrapped in tree form

I pulled the lights tight as I wrapped them down and only twist-tied at the first ring, then second and third. That way you can see the width of the cone in three spots. It’s ok that the rest of it is pulled tightly. It’ll still look good when its done and lit up.

light trees

And ta da!! They look better from a distance, but even close up they’re effective. I have a feeling this will be my go-to each year, kinda like carving a pumpkin for Halloween. It’s not like it’s hard and certainly beats having Christmas specific supplies to store. I have to say I’m quite pleased by the results.

red and white light tree cone shapes


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