Boozy Gifts

Home made gifts can be tacky or festive or down right yummy. At an event today with colleagues I found myself comparing notes on what we make and give at Christmas time.  This year I’ve decided to spike my gifts a little for added festiveness!jars on a cooling rack

You’ll recall back in the summer I made Boozy Peach Syrup. This rum and fruit delight has now aged to perfection in my basement. Tied up with little ceramic dishes, found on sale at a kitchen shop in the fall, and a small Bree cheese inside I’m gifting DIY baked Bree kits to my friends.

bree package

Happily I found just the right size mini cheeses at Costco, three for $7. In giving out one at a time, it’s still an affordable, and best of all, useful gift!

bree with syrup

Sadly, my test version was too delicious to have any hope of a picture being taken of it after it baked in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes. The first sight of cheese oozing out of the firm bree skin had it was served and gobbled immediately. My guests assure you: this is a no-brainer and a crowd-pleaser!


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