Through Rust-coloured Glass

I was wrapping Christmas presents the other day on my dining room table when I started to wonder why the tissue appeared more orange than red. I just chalked it up to the light in the room playing tricks with my eyes, or it being late in the day. I guess I should eat more carrots!

The dining room chandelier that came with my house is not fancy, but the shades surrounding the light bulbs are a dirty yellow colour at their bases pulling up to a sold rust colour around the rims. I’ve never thought much of it, just that it’s part of the 1970’s era that I’m slowly engaging and releasing from this house.

old chandelier with rusty shades

After tying the present up with red ribbon I realized there was definitely an issue, with 2 distinctly different shades of red. Still I packaged it up and sent it off in the mail. When I went back to the table the next morning, with the sun shining into the room, I realized I’d used orange tissue paper instead of red. Realizing that my clarity is blurred, so to speak, by rust coloured glass, I opted for an upgrade.

Still, I figured it was time for a change and to make sure that projects in the future are done in clear, clean light.

Thirty-five dollars and one trip to Home Depot later, and about 10 minutes standing on a chair in the middle of the dining room and voila: a whole new look for the room. Everything is brighter and fresher looking simply because I changed the light shades on the chandelier!

old and new shades on chandelier

Don’t underestimate small changes. They can make a huge difference. In this case the change is immense and now looks great with full light and with the dimmer. I’m wondering why I waited so long?!

chandelier with white shades

The present, on the other hand, is part way across Canada now, wrapped in orange tissue paper which is covered in silver and clear swirled cellophane and a red bow. How ugly! I have warned my friend with a giggle that orange is the new red and after all, it’s what’s inside that counts!! She won’t mind!

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