Friday Flowers

How did it become Friday already, and not just only the first one in the month, but the second?… Well time flies!

Meanwhile out there in the world… there are still no flowers to share with you on Friday Flower days, so instead I’ll share what amuses me these days.

skunk prints in snow

In my neighbourhood about a month before melt and green and then flowers comes new paw prints. I see these with the dog on early morning walks. These small prints are a sure sign of spring… skunk. We do cross paths with Mr or maybe it’s Mrs skunk once in a while on our morning walks. Naturally we give lots of space to wherever he or she is going and only pass by after they are out of sight.

If the skunks are coming out of hibernation, I guess so should I!

dog prints stuck to snow

I’m also amused by the inverted type of tracks, brought to you by cold windy days and a dog who decided to prance across the driveway!

Here’s to warmer weeks ahead! Happy Friday!

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