Inexpensive Artwork

As you know I’m not opposed to DIY when it comes to, well, just about anything. A friend suggested participating in a PaintNite. These events seem to be taking pubs and restaurants by storm in Ontario. Maybe elsewhere as well.

It’s a paid painting course hosted by a restaurant or pub in your neighbourhood. Friends and I got a Groupon for a better price and thus a cheaper piece of artwork.

painting canvases

The final product, does, provide a decent piece to be put up somewhere in the house. In my case this is inspiring yet another room makeover: the dog’s room. Yes, in my house the dog has her own room to hang out in while I’m off at work or elsewhere. For for the moment it’s one of the remaining rooms painted in “former owner colours” (aka not my preference!) Stay tuned for a re-paint and what will be an new and improved room for Gwenny.

tree painting

The picture, I’m calling “dog by night.” It’s not far off from the original, as the instruction was well delivered.


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