Fabric first!

Any good project has many steps to complete it! Big ones have a way of taking a significant amount of time and care to get the change just right. In the next few posts I’ll show you how, over the past few month my living room has built on the hardwood project of 2014 and taken on a fresh new look from the image below. This is where it all started.

living room with couch, chair and white carpetChallenge one: fabric…I recall from my teenage days of watching home decorating shows that they always say to pick your fabrics first, because while you can select almost any shade of paint, there are only so many colours of fabric. So fabric is where we’re starting!

Now, how to find a nice, classic, but youthful curtain fabric that is neutral enough to match my brick chimney, dark wood floors and prized rug. I started in fabric and home decorating stores, but surprisingly ended up with super inexpensive Indian cotton printed fabric. It blends nicely with the aforementioned elements and the pattern doesn’t scream too loudly. The only problem with the selection was that I hate sewing and they needed lining.

hand stitchingEnter my seamstress, aka Mom! In addition to driving to several stores to pick up the curtains, because of course the ones I’d chosen were discontinued, with only 2 of the 6 I’d need available in the stores in my city, she also volunteered her sewing skills for the task of fitting them to my space. –Thank you!

close up of hand stitching

And ta-da curtains…


Next for some long awaited trim. Stay tuned…

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