A Mitre solution

I’m probably not alone in this, but I procrastinate when things feel too big or a little too daunting. Just the idea of getting the heavy air compressor for a nail gun rental from home depot into my car, was enough to leave my baseboards unfinished for over a year. As is usually the case, the project didn’t need to be that hard… Enter the mitre-box, my new little friend!

yellow mitre box with saw and thin pc of wood cut in itAfter painting the quarter-round, what could be easier than to measure the walls and to cut angled edges? The mitre box certainly makes this a manageable project. I highly recommend it for any solo carpentry projects you’re considering. I now have a number of new projects under consideration after discovering how seamless this one was!

wood scraps from cutting quarter round

quarter round

Finally, the hardest part of the project, and the part that I’d been dreading, what with having considered the rental of the nail gun, was to get down on hands and knees and nail the quarter-round to the wall without damaging the hardwood floors. As is usually the case, this was not difficult either, and all that dread and procrastination was for nothing.

Each piece went on smoothly and the look of the finished product was well worth the effort. (Note – the picture below is pre-filling and final paint.)

quarter round

Once attached to the wall, the holes made with nails were filled, as were any gaps left between the pieces, or the quarter-round and the baseboard. In just one night it all came together, which serves me right for procrastinating on it for so long. Finally, I have, what looks like a completed room!

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