Colour Difference

It’s rarely a question of ‘to paint or not to paint?’ but more often a question of what colour to paint it?

paint chips attached to a brown wall

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with brown walls, but when it feels like a change is due, it’s nice to brighten things up. As you can see I had a number of selections to choose from and bright is what I chose!


With the first brush strokes, I find myself wondering what I’ve gotten myself into. Will it be too light? Especially when going from such as saturated brownish colour. Truthfully, this is the second can of paint I’ve tried on these walls. Initially I bought a yellowish-cream colour and then decided it was too close to white. It was at that juncture that I decided to give the authority over colour to a professional. This is, after all, my main living space, and not somewhere that I want to mess up, or repaint in just a couple of years or less if I make a boo-boo.

dulux paint

While I’m glad I called a colour consultant, the selection she made was one of two I had been eyeing as my first and second choice after the yellowish-cream experience. The final selection is Dulux paint colour Simplicity Stone. As it turns out it’s a bit of a chameleon, as you can see already, shifting from mushroom, to green, to grey depending on the light. Still, any hesitation from first brush strokes quickly faded away.

paintingEven in a dark room, bright paint makes a huge difference! And now that the room is back together, I’m just waiting for the opportunity to take one last picture of the bright finished final product. Sorry for the wait…

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