A New Look

Apparently it was a little too ambitious of me to think I could get a whole project’s worth of posts out in one week. In my defence, it’s also been miserable grey weather here, so showing you a new bright living space that looks darker than what I started with didn’t seem fair!

Here ya go with the before and after. Saying goodby to my flesh-toned living room was not sad at all. I’m loving the new look and feel!


The occasion for changing things up meant that I could change the artwork around as well. (Small caveat: this is one of my favourite things to do, making a room just right with the placement of pictures. I have been known to volunteer my services to friends to assist in their picture hanging endeavours!)

Some of my favourites were already up, but now with curtains to effectively block the fading sunlight off of precious oldies, others have come out of storage. Below is my little homey (west coast of BC) collection including some favourites from my grandfather’s house.

collage of art

Everything looks better on green, or is it grey, or mushroom. Now to work on a few more burnt orange accents to keep the projects going. But for now let’s just go with ta-da!!



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