Salad Jar

You know how I like mason jars a lot, well I’m actually sad I didn’t think of this idea on my own. My workplace often holds healthy workplace trainings, and recently my colleagues and I attended one where we got to make salad in a jar.

Ok, the idea isn’t really all that hard, but who would have thought the outcome would be so much more enjoyable and convenient than a normal salad in say a tupperware. I’m converted and haven’t packed salads for at-work lunches in any other format since learning this.

steps to make salad in a jar - layers of vegetables

The key is to put the dressing in the bottom of the jar, followed by the hearty vegetables that won’t get squishy or wilted in the dressing until it’s time to spread it around onto everything. No salad is ever the same for me. It all depends on what’s in the fridge. Actually, this one is a bit of a reach using some items that wouldn’t normally find their way into salads, but any combination makes a good salad.

I use the 500ml-sized mason jar. I didn’t originally think it’d be big enough, but for lunch with a few other things on the side, this is just enough! Just as an example in my jar from the bottom up I’ve got a healthy squirt of italian-lime dressing, cucumber, leeks, beets, daikon root, pumpkin seeds, raisins, kiwi and spinach. You could add a protein of your choice or anything you like.

salad in a jarA few minutes before you’re ready to eat the salad, flip it upside down. This allows the dressing to dribble down over the ingredients. It may seem a bit violent, but also don’t be afraid to give it a good shake or rolling action. You’d be surprised how food in a decently firmly packed mason jar can actually move around and become a well distributed, less layered salad.

This one is yesterdays: with slightly different ingredients -you can see it has some yellow pepper in there- but you get the idea. It looks yummy all shaken up, and best yet it’s convenient, filling, healthy and delicious!

salad in jar upside-down

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