Basement Overhaul

Why is what appears on the surface as a simple issue of tidying actually a far deeper issue? Well, I’m not proud to say, but I’ll say it anyway: I lived, for a while, with someone who I felt that if they couldn’t find it then they couldn’t take it. Whether “it” was informative papers, useful tools, precious items or just about anything else. Most of which they probably didn’t want, but some of it they did, and further, some of it they gave away to other people without asking first. Sad moment 😦

Messy was my coping mechanism and my way of self (and stuff) protection. Once I realized what was going on, I quickly ended the situation and have since moved on. (A life learning curve: some people should not be invited in, but now I know this, so no regrets.)

…And yes, that’s when I got lazy and didn’t deal with the lingering mess which is now driving me crazy.  Tidying is making a huge improvement on my basement!

Camping gear storageThe first venture is to bring my precious camping gear out of hiding to be considered and used. If, as they say, organizing your life brings good things to it, I might actually start to believe that: I took up downhill skiing with a friend this winter and have since added a new set of skis to my tidy outdoor corner and we’ll be heading out canoe-camping in April. Camping has been missing from my life, so I’m pleased it’s making a reappearance.

Now wondering what tidying other parts of my house will bring…


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