Magic Pegboard

This post is for my Mother as the project turned into a late night cleaning job reminiscent of when I was younger. When I was a kid, for most of the time I had the worlds’ messiest room. Then all of a sudden, every now and then, in the wee small hours of the night, it would strike me as time to clean it. There was no stopping until it was perfectly clean and by morning the room would be the complete opposite of how it had looked the day before.

My basement, or to be more specific, my furnace room is a similar kettle of fish, only it’s never been cleaned in the time I’ve lived in the house. I’ve just been adding stuff to it since the day I moved in. For a while it wasn’t horrible, but as you can see, wood and shelves that could be helping the messy situation remain unbuilt adding to the clutter. It has been a bit of a minefield to get into the room, find what was required and leave without stumbling over something unexpected.

messy basement
Before… you see the problem?!

One of the problems with the room, was that it’s supposed to be a workshop, but there’s never been anywhere to put the tools and smaller items. I’ve wasted so much time at the beginning of projects looking for the tool or item I’ve needed instead of having a specific spot for it and knowing where that is. I’d just dig through the box where most of it was kept and hope for the best. In the process of cleaning I’ve gone from knowing the whereabouts of one tape measure, to realizing I own four!

In order to give the walls more purpose. I copy my parent’s workshop and add peg-board. As the walls are concrete covered in foam insulation, their attachment was a little trying. Just in getting them up and stable provided a feeling of accomplishment! I used lengths of 1″ x 2″ x 6′ cedar I had on hand. I cut it to length with my trusty mitre saw, affixed to the rafters and a base I made with a 4′ chunk of 2×4. I know it doesn’t look like much yet, but now I’ll have somewhere to put items.

peg board
During… feeling very accomplished having put up peg-board!

On her last trip east, my Mother brought me a whole collection of peg board pegs. I’d looked at these at the hardware store a few weeks ago, to see if there was anything new. By the looks of things it’s the opposite: the old school ones from my Dad’s workshop are far more diverse. There are ones with little metal shelves, ones to support bigger shelves, straight hooks, side hook appropriate for hand tools, ones for screwdrivers and everything you can imagine. Now talk about organization… check it out!!

peg board tool wall

I find myself amusingly frustrated, all of a sudden, with tools that don’t have holes in them for ease of hanging.

In other news, I’ve built all the spare shelves in my house and moved the pantry out of the furnace room. Was it ever really a good idea to store food next to the furnace? Well now it’s in the cold storage room complete with a whole shelving unit for the canning supplies and products I’ve made.

food on storage shelves

In conclusion, I’m quite impressed with the transition of my furnace room. It’s amazing what shelves, peg board and time will get you. Would you look at all that floor space!

a tidy workshop

tidy workshop

Did you notice I created a work bench out of some old closet doors and saw-horses. While I’d like to say that the work bench below the peg-board wall would do for projects, it’s a little short in height for me, will probably gain a bit more clutter overtime and I like to have space to move around when I do projects, which is why this one with space to move on all sides is ideal. Also this one is under the light. I’ve now got a dedicated sewing storage area, dedicated soap making shelves, and other useful things like paint supplies, bbq and picnic supplies and cleaning supplies on the shelves you can’t see.

I should probably mention that the furnace is in the middle of the room, so the cleaning of the tool zone is just one half of the project. It seems a pity to do an extreme tidy at one end of the room and to leave a pig stye at the other. Stay tuned for the water-heater side and what kind of creative solutions I can find to make it easier to function in the space and keep it clean in the future.

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