DIY Jordan’s

Super hard granola… good or bad? I get that the world might not agree with me, but I place it in the bad column.

That would be your Harvest Crunch and Nature Valley crunchy bars and cereal, or anything congealed together with baked sugar. These remind me of backcountry camping trips and taking all your might to snap off and chew through these rocky turds! There is no love loss there for me. Sorry if you don’t agree. I also wonder if the years since my last experience chewing these have made the memories of them harder and crunchier. Whether or not this is the case, I avoid granola at the best of times. If I have to eat cereal, I go for flakes, or crisps or musli or just about anything more friendly to the teeth and jaws!

from jordan's musli
(Image c/o Jordan’s Musli)

If you haven’t tried Jordan’s Musli you simply must. If you’re looking for an opinion of the best variety, you’d want to go with the 50% fruit and nuts version. You really can’t go wrong. Only Jordan’s is expensive and you know me, I’m frugal, so I opted for a make-your-own version of it. I’m also on a wheat berry kick, so here goes!

fruit in bowlBecause my version will be fresh and not all dried, I started with apple, raisins, pumpkin seeds, dates and tiny chunks of fresh ginger. Then I added cooked wheat berries and some extra brown rice I had on hand. Who says brown rice can’t be a breakfast food? I mixed it all together with a whole lot of cinnamon and allspice -which just happened to be the spices I had on hand. You could also make this with another grain, if wheat berries aren’t your preference.

home made musli

I divided the mixture into five tubs to take to work for a week of breakfasts. It works well topped with fruit/apple sauce or yogurt or milk and even a little brown sugar if you want some extra sweetness. This stuff is so good, I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to paying the price for Jordan’s and definitely, not even glance in the direction of granola!

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