Finger Muscles

Gardening is one of those activities that you can do and enjoy and once completed for the day, muscles you didn’t know you had, start to hurt. Usually the hurt is a good hurt, if there’s even such a thing! It’s possible that the ‘good’ also comes from a sense of satisfaction and knowing that happy plants are growing around you!

Over the past couple of years my front garden has become a little jungle-y. I was starting to feel sorry for the neighbors who have to look at the mess, so I knew it was time to dig-in, so to say, and clean it up!

messy garden bed

I’ve now pulled and shoveled and edged and clipped. It’s actually quite easy to create such a nice line of transition from grass to garden. In massaging the still-good soil out of the root systems of grass, juniper, other plants and weeds, I’m getting to know my finger muscles. Who would have thought – I’ll have stronger fingers when the project is done!! The evening finger ache is something I’ve never experienced before but it’s all worth it: check out what the effort has brought!

tidy garden bed

To finalize the project I planted a couple rows of annuals in front of the green perennials which I hope will fill out nicely and add some colour to the space. For the moment they are small and rather insignificant, but you get the idea.

Slowly but surely I will slice the grassy edges of all of my garden into tidy looking flower beds. With this project alone, I will have my hands full -and of course, knowing me, this isn’t the only project on the go! Stay tuned for more posts now that gardening season is ON and my finger muscles are in shape!

planted front garden

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