An Unsolicited Improvement

Don’t leave me alone in your house or I will add projects you may or may not have wanted! This is what has just happened at a friend’s place last weekend. I agreed to paint her bedroom while she’s travelling, but before she’d left we’d also talked about her hanging her purse collection from the walls.

I arrived, ahead of the painting project, to find tiny nails holding full sized purses scattered over the wall. The idea was there, but this was obviously a project that needed to happen. So I filled the many holes and thought about an improvement.

purse rack on the floor

I simply brought the paint home one night and painted an 8′ length of 3″ x 1″ wood I had in the basement. Once dry, I took it back to the friends’ house and added some hooks I’d purchased for the project. Home Depot and even more cost effective was Ikea for the two types of hooks I chose in order to give her some variety. As you can see they came together easily on her floor.

purse holder


And the final product (above), I think, was worth the small effort to paint and put together. She knows I’m into projects like this, so hopefully she too will consider it an improvement on what was there before. I guess we’ll see!


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