Lining a Fence

My neighbours and I share a long wooden fence that separates my grassy yard from their fully manicured pool retreat of a backyard. While we have very different yards, we do have one thing in common: dogs! And what do dogs like to do? Bark at each other and scratch the b-jesus out of the fence.

Instead of actively teaching dog manners, I decided to build obstructions to keep the dog (at least on my side) away from the fence! Useful obstructions are planters!

spray painted earth map

I’ve watched enough home decorating shows to know that you should tape-out your plan. In my case, I decided to spray painted the earth before I bought the lumber I’d need for planters. This was a good idea, because the width from my house to the fence isn’t all that wide.

In drawing the plan in its place, I decided to design the planters 19.1″ wide rather than the 24″ I’d originally planned on. This decision also made the most of the 8′ long boards, without having leftovers or wasted wood.

circular saw

Now thanks to my Dad for sending me his, what he calls “ladies circular saw!” It did take me a few months to brave-up to using it, but now that I’m an expert with it, I kinda think this term is a little old-school. He sent his -let’s call it- “man’s circular saw” to my sister’s husband; ‘though I’m sure she’s using it more than he is…

Anyway, whether mine comes with a sexist name or not, it’s a fun tool to have and nice to know where it came from and that its been well taken care of. Bonus it’s a fun retro green colour – not a hideous florescent colour, like the ones you see at the home stores these days!

stacked pile of lumber

I had a whole pile of lumber delivered in the same order as a pallet of firewood. The firewood was advertised as free delivery, so guess who paid nothing for the delivery of her lumber at the same time?! I’ll explain the firewood in a separate upcoming post.

newly constructed planter

The only thing I could have done better in constructing my planters was that I extremely underestimated the number of screws I would need. Each planter took 66 screws and when you buy them in packs of 100, plus the random boxes of them I already had, you run out fast. In the end I made 5 1/5 (one being miniature) planters. I kept finding myself running out and having to take a break and return to home depot, or visiting the store the next day on my way home from work.

Now granted, with the weird illnesses I was going through, this may have been a blessing in disguise; I was forced to take breaks.

row of planters

One night at the end of May I proudly constructed my first coffin, I mean planter. It was too dark to photograph it that night, so the next morning I took it’s picture and in the days to follow it’s friends were made! I’ve now learned construction is far easier than the process of filling them that came after…

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