New Planters 1

Let me remind you in case you didn’t read my past posts Lining a Fence and Firewood for What?, I have forty-four feet of new planters in my yard. While there’s room for improvement on them next spring, they’re looking good in the meantime:

Zucchini plant

What’s a new planter without a really huge zucchini plant coming out of the top? Ok, not all of my new planters are this productive, but this, the smallest, is showing all the other ones up!

Planter 2

This second planter is all ready for next spring. It doesn’t look like much for now, but it’s filled with (left to right) lupins, dahlias, astible, siberian iris and coreopsis. Some of these are still underground or re-generating their energy to make a grand display next spring! I guess I’ll have to post it again when it’s finally full of colour.

Lettuce planter

Does anyone need lettuce? I have a ton this year and while I’m having fun making salads to keep up with the constant growth, I’d happily take a breather.

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