New Planters 2

More on planters from Homesweethomeprojects:


The planters closest to my kitchen door seem to be doing the best. Perhaps this is also because of the slightly earlier plant date. I’ve got a little bit of everything growing: kale, tomatoes, beans (that were slow at coming, but now climbing), red lettuce, cherry tomatoes and nasturtiums.


Herbs in my kitchen planter are still small and kind of pathetic looking, despite the very productive weeds that surround them. I’m hoping, with some of these being perennials, that despite a slow start this year, they may be productive in years to come -fingers crossed!


Finally, this planter is immediately opposite my kitchen window. The goal was for a combination of blooms, colour and productive plants to look out at. I have gladiolas coming in the back, poppies, pansies, a tomato plant, lupins (that might be getting crowded out a bit) and then a whole lot of colour on the right.

As I mentioned, there’s room for improvement and always lessons learned from what I plant where, but for now I’m enjoying the display of colour and food production!

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