Dotty Expressions

You never know when an announcement will come out that someone’s retiring, had a death in the family or it’s an appropriate moment to write someone a thank you note. With this I’ve decided I need a small supply of cards as much at work as at home.

box of greeting words

Instead of rushing out to the dollar store or elsewhere for a package of basic cards or a different one each time an occasion arises, I went home and perused my craft box. It seems, as I’d hoped, that I was already prepared for a card project. I found a set of white cards with envelopes all ready to go in addition to these other supplies.

Abstract paint card-making tools:

  • paper (I used watercolor paper, so it was thick enough to withstand the paint/water)
  • any kind of paint
  • brushes
  • die-cutter in the shape of your preference (or scissors and a tracer if you have more patience than I do!)
  • blank cards

I find it relaxing to randomly doodle with paint, so this is where I started. You’ve seen this from me before in Abstract. The only differences were that this time my colours were brighter and I cared less for what the overall look was. I knew I’d be cutting it into pieces. 


Once it was dry, with my handy die-cutter I started cutting the perfect little circles and gluing them to the cards.

Next, to add greetings or not to add greetings? Well a trip to the craft store determined this quickly for me: I’m not a fan of the kitchy look of stamps and none of the stickers looked right or were the right price, so blank they will remain. 


As a general rule, I’d rather spend time than money and while these card aren’t complicated or ornate in any way, they are each unique and will serve the purposes I find for them. It’s amazing what creative projects can come from such basic supplies!

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