Beyond Salad

When they tell you you have kidney stones they also give you a list of yummy edibles that are now banned from your diet, should you want to avoid stones again in your future. This list contains most things in the vegan realm which I find particularly sad. Of the world of green leafy goodness, they leave you with lettuce and bok choy. That’s it!

With this news, into this years garden I planted a whole bunch of lettuces. Here’s the thing, I’m just one person, and there’s only so much you can do with lettuce! I’ve been eating salads twice a day for months and am officially bored of it!!

Lettuce garden

Naturally some of it has now bolted (and some even worse than this first picture I took a couple of days ago) and I’m looking for new and creative things to do with lettuce… Is that even possible!?

Usually I’d be force feeding friends with lettuce, but a bunch of my lettuce-eaters have recently moved away, so determined not to waste the stuff here goes: one week of all you can eat lettuce recipes!

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