Lett-uce Preserve!

No I’m not making lettuce jam or preserves, but instead preparing it to keep for later use! Who says you can’t freeze lettuce and keep it for the future? The key is not to defrost it too quickly or heat it in the thawing process. Clearly its consistency is going to change – and to start with we’re going to grind it to a pulp!

Romaine in food processor

For me this is just a good way to add more nutritional value to future smoothies or maybe other dishes but I’m going to stick to small doses only. From a weeks’ effort of freezing, I have a full large ziplock back of various fruit and lettuce cubes to be added to future smoothies and maybe even soup if I’m feeling brave. I’m not sure about cooked lettuce, but will one or 2 cubes do more harm than good. Probably not!

frozen lettuce and fruit cubes

These red cubes contain about 1 1/2 cups each of lettuce in each cube, so you can see it’s a great way to use up excessive amounts of lettuce. It’s mixed with strawberries and mango, because something was needed to help purée the mixture.

Upon testing, it makes a great addition to smoothies now and in the future.  So go ahead people and don’t hesitate to freeze your excess romaine lettuce!

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