Sneaky Spots

If anyone could be crowned the king of sneaky hiding places it should have been my grandfather. He had his own era-appropriate ATM machine right in his kitchen. All he had to do was pull a kitchen utensil drawer all the way out and reach in and around to a small shelf concealed to the side of it. How could anyone but him have known there was something stashed back there, let alone a whole wad of cash?

On another occasion he sent my sister crawling on her elbows under the kitchen floor and into the house’s foundation. I’m not sure what kind of gold and treasures were the goal of retrieving at that time, but it must have been valuable to have been so well hidden.

gold foil wrapped chocolate coins

Makes me wonder if I should dig into my home’s foundation, or better yet invest in some valuables (better than these gold-foil wrapped chocolates) 😉 that are worth digging into the foundation to hide. It might not be as sneaky as Grandpa’s hiding spaces, but I’ve always wanted to make a safe place that will camouflage just as nicely into my house as his did in his.

So the project of the hour is a book safe that will fit right into a bookshelf without suspicion. Can you guess which of these is secretly something more than just a book?Book shelf with various books on it

Supplies for a Book Safe:

  • a book that won’t stand out on your bookshelf
  • a pencil and ruler
  • an exacto-knife
  • modge-lodge and a foam brush 
  • a small box that fits within the hole you cut

The task is simple:

Mark your desired cut line. Use an exacto knife to cut it out. Modge-podge some sporadic pages within your cut area and around the hole inside to keep the pages firmly stuck together. (You can modge-podge the outside edges as well if you wish, but I think this gives it away faster.) Glue the box you selected within the hole, allow to dry thoroughly with the cover open. Then place firmly between 2 other books on your bookshelf. 

Collage of steps in making a book safe

Now to find something worth hiding in my secret spot! Shhh… don’t tell!

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