Red and More Red!

Time flies when you’re having fun… hence the delay in getting my next post out. What can I say it’s harvest season -my fav! That means you have to deal with the produce before it spoils. Writing about it can come later… or now in this case!

I don’t know if it’s that I’ve lived in the far north where food security isn’t guaranteed or if there’s a little pack rat living inside of me. At this time of year I go a little crazy for inexpensive produce.  I have been inundated with red peppers with no one to blame but myself! At $7 for a 10lb box, I apparently didn’t think that would be enough and bought two boxes.

red peppers
1/3 of the purchase… even this is a lot of peppers!

Moment of clarity… eek what does one do with 20lbs of red pepper?! Well, I’ll tell you: You listen to your friends and read through your cookbooks. A smart friend suggested roasting them. So on went the BBQ and in went the peppers.

red peppers on bbq

I started with tin foil and quickly learned I didn’t need to be so careful with them. In fact a little bit charred is a good thing. I’m sure the whole neighborhood was salivating over the delicious aroma of way too many roasted red peppers. Upon pulling them off the BBQ I’ve done a number of things with them, but most have been zip-locked and sent into the freezer for winter soups, sauces and other uses.

roasted red peppers

Stay tuned for more on red peppers coming to you soon!



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