Flaked Peppers

In the first week that I lived in the Arctic, it was late August and also harvest season and I was craving zucchini and red peppers for a stir-fry. I went to the store only to find that the produce sold there was cellophane wrapped to a Styrofoam meat tray. You effectively didn’t get a choice of each vegetable you picked and bought the ones packaged together. (Things have changed slightly since then.)

So I picked the best ones on offer and took them home. Upon unwrapping them and holding them up for inspection, the zucchini immediately flopped over in half and the red pepper had a nicely sized bruise on itsĀ entire underside.

red peppers on a dehydrator tray

So with this and other food horror stories, my mother kindly dehydrated and mailed all sorts of seasonal produce to the Arctic. I did continue purchasing the often scary local produce, when making stews or soups, it doesn’t really matter if you add fresh, frozen or even dehydrated peppers. So in an effort to prepare the peppers for storage, I filled the dehydrator for old time sake!

Dried red pepper flakes

Now in the winter I’ll have DIY pepper flakes. There’s not much easier than making these!

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