Another house challenge (pt 1)

Since moving into my house a few years ago, the main bathroom has remained the pinkish-salmon colour that I’ve always hated. It was chosen by the former owners.

This, I think, is a tide-me-over project until I decide to gut and entirely re-do the bathroom. I’m always up for a project and I thought that this one should be relatively easy.

Enter my 1960’s house that constantly provides unforeseen issues when I embark on seemingly benign projects…

before pictures of a pale pink bathroom

Part of de-pinking the bathroom is to get rid of the rail of moulding you can see above the toilet and below the towel rack. It’s what I’ve referred to as the “dust collector” since moving in, as it provides no function that I can see, aside from collecting dust and showing guest how often I get around to cleaning it. I hadn’t thought of what unseen evils might be hiding beneath it until I was too far along in the ripping it off phase to leave it alone or put it back the way it was.

moulding and scarred drywall underneath it

I’m too young to know, but apparently in the 1960’s plaster was held together with brown paper. If you remove the brown paper you’re down to grey plaster dust. In my case whoever painted the pinkish on the walls did so over wallpaper.

So the scary question remains: To dig down (aka remove the wallpaper) or to build on top of what’s already there? And then if I polyfilla over top, how to deal with an ugly scar across the middle of my bathroom, all thanks to a simple dust collector.

Nothing like a challenge instead of a simple paint job!!

After conferring with the trusty people at Home Depot, I opt to attempt to fix the molding situation by removing the wallpaper and adding a healthy layer of my go-to solution: Polyfilla. Then to sand and paint. Here goes nothing!!

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