Another house challenge (pt 2)

Onwards goes the bathroom project, only now if you can’t handle dust you’re not not allowed in my bathroom for the time being!

sanding polyfilla over drywall errorsApplying polyfilla, letting it dry and sanding it, is a process I have on repeat, like a broken record! My goal is a flattish seam. That’s right, you heard me: I’m no longer going for perfection. If there is a dimple here or a lump there, I’m just gonna chalk it up to 1960’s character. Besides which, knowing me, I’ll get bored of the colour I plan to paint it and will have an opportunity to make it that much better with new energy when that time comes in a few years for a repaint.

bathroom 1With more elbow grease than can be written about, I move onto the painting process. If you know where to look, some of those dimples I was talking about remain, but all in all I’m pleased with the improved walls.

blue bathroom wallsAnd now, seemingly months later, a new and improved bathroom. There are still a few rooms here that house the paint colour choices of the former owners, so more improvements to share with you as the year goes on! Ta-Da!

final picture of bathroom

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