Beach Dreams…

A week ago today I was in Cuba, actually Havana to be precise! It was lush in greenness and warm, even humid! With six friends I spent a week relaxing on the beach, touring the city, catching up on novels and capturing Vitamin D that is so hard to find when you’re all bundled up for Ontario winters.

beach front cabana

Here are a few glimpses of paradise…

green and colourful 1950's cars Cuba 2017 drawn on beach


To keep us feeling warm and sunny this winter, since all the flowers at home are covered in snow and ice, I’ll be bringing you Cuban Friday Flowers for the next month or so.




I took most of the pictures during morning runs from a Varadero hotel, and while I don’t know what they all are, they are pretty and bring me memories of warmer climates! If you haven’t been to Cuba, I highly recommend it. The people are friendly, the food is great, the beaches are beautiful and the scenery is spectacular.

havana waterfront


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