March in Green

You’ve heard, I’m sure, of the February blues? Well what about the March greens? With leprechauns, clovers and spring being right around the corner, I always feel like blog posts in March should have a green theme …Here goes!

Taken from above: dog sitting under frost covered pine

Despite hope for the first signs of spring, realistically this is still weeks away. Dog walking remains a cold ordeal, but Gwenny and I enjoy getting out! Today however, I decided to take home some of the green evergreens for a project.

I selected Spruce, rather than the pine in the picture, as spruce has a fresher ‘piney’ smell. Why does this matter you ask? Well we’re spring cleaning, but this year with more than boring vinegar that stinks as long as it’s wet and dries odourless.

Spruce and vinegar in a mason jar

For DIY Pine-scented Cleaner you’ll need:

  • spruce needles (It’s ok to keep them on small twigs. The wood won’t conflict with the desired scent)
  • a mason jar with tight fitting lid
  • white vinegar

Simply stuff a mason jar full of spruce. Fill to the top with vinegar and store for 2-3 weeks until the scent has infused into the vinegar.

Then transfer into a spray bottle and use to bring spring into your home. Happy cleaning!


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