I haven’t been too crafty yet in March; I’ll need to find a way to do this with purpose as I’m on a clutter-less path at the moment. Maybe it’s a need for spring cleaning or more likely it’s the feeling that I’ve been packing around past lives into my current reality and I finally realized it’s not working for me.

clutter is postponed decisions word-art

I used to move every five years and all the excess stuff went out into yard sales or into storage that never seemed to be in the same location as me, so it had an out of sight out of mind factor associated with it. I had less physical stuff with me and now all of sudden I’m accumulating it from its various storage locations… eeek!

Who wants to have a constant to-do list of stuff to sort through, to organize, clean around and to release bit by bit into the world? This, in itself, feels like a headache and one I’ve had for a while. Getting rid of the clutter is a refreshing change!

This started with a conversation about boundaries. I had a few friends who were asking for and I was giving too much of my time and energy. In making these relationships work, I realized that I was being spammed from all sorts of other directions as well: digital, physical stuff and in what was in my head.

clutter quote

In addition to a now very large pile of items to be sent out to a community yard sale in May, here are a few other things I’ve done to help my life feel lighter:

  • Unsubscribed from unwanted email spam
  • Removed social media accounts, or limited my access to them (ie use Facebook Messenger, but not Facebook itself)
  • Remove pins and pop-ups on my phone
  • Cleaned out the fridge and freezer in addition to all rooms, drawers and closets in my house to identify physical stuff that just isn’t important to me:
  • I found gifts that other people thought I should have that I kept for them and not for me
  • I identified books, hobbies and items that were accumulated at a time when I had different priorities

If you feel like you’re being wasteful, consider selling your books at Amazon Sell, your stuff online, making donations, finding friends who are interested in used clothes and return gifts to the people who gave them to you. As far as food goes, I’ve composted some, given some to friends (where it’s still good, and just not on my priority to eat list anymore) and donated to the food bank.

Less is more

This new sense of freedom living without spam is a little bit addicting. I was looking at a bookshelf last night and noticed five more books, in addition to the boxes ready to go out, that I could release from my life and I wouldn’t miss them at all. After all, if I haven’t used it in a couple of years, what am I holding on to it for? There will be no turning back after this shift and purge!

I recommend de-cluttering to anyone looking for one-step-further spring cleaning this year!

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