Apple Trees

When I go to the garden store, I’m always amused by the tall spindly apple trees they sell. After all, when do you walk through an apple orchard and see tall, stately, linear growing trees with fruit to be picked. There’s something kind of friendly about the gnarled look of an apple tree, some whose trunk is just feet off the ground before the branches reach out to the sides and sky.

apple blossomsThe first apple tree I planted on my property, was grafted with four types of apples and I’d hoped would eventually produce an abundant harvest, negating the need for other types of trees. Seems that was not to be, as over its first season all branches but one shriveled up and died.

I moved what is left of the lopsided tree to the back garden -definite to be small in stature as it matures! I’ll be surprised, when the time comes, to find out which of the varieties has survived.

crab apple blossoms
Crab-apple blossoms, spring 2017

In the front yard, I’ve moved on to Apple Tree 2.0 (white blossoms above) and hope that its single fruit variety will survive eastern winters, rabbits nibbling at its bark and whatever comes to it. So far so good and look it’s even still straight and tall!!

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