This blog started as a way to capture the massive re-design and overhaul I gave to my 1968 suburban home and garden in Ottawa, Canada. If you follow or look back, you will see I love love love DIY, useful crafts, and creative food projects.

In 2017, after what started as seeminly basic decluttering, I noticed I had empty furniture in otherwise empty rooms and far too much space for one woman and her dog. Determined not to let an unnecessarily large house hold me back from my potential, I sold the house, sold my car, left my job, packed my dog off to friends for a year, and moved with two suitcases to England.

This is where the DIY and crafting has been temporarily put on hold. After a few months of hiatus to get my feelers situated in a new city, there is so much to explore and to share. The blogging has taken a turn towards discovering. I’m discovering myself, the cultures around me, and a whole new city that feels like a whole different city at each and every Tube station.

I promise to eventually get back to DIY and crafts, and to sprinkle those I find along the way in amongst noteworthy London finds and adventures further afield.

For now pressing the follow button lets you come along on this journey with me! Please feel free to like, share and comment ❤

One thought on “About

  1. Great brick work!!- love it. But I can tell it could be a bit of a back breaker. Will follow this new adventure of yours with interest – all three sections. Way to go!!

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