Blooms & Bluebells

I might have to hit up some unsuspecting friends and see if they’ll let me play in their gardens in the future, but otherwise, the decision to trade in my Ottawa garden to simply become an appreciator of other people’s work and design is a proving a great choice. The Brits I know are quite […]

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Uphill @WoodGreen

This post has been a long time coming… Alexandra Palace and it’s surrounding park space was one of the first places I spent time when coming to the UK. Craving greenery and fewer people than most London venues had to offer, a bench on a hillside overlooking the city was a peaceful place to work. […]

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Harringay Homebase

Since arriving in the “old country,” I’ve lived in an area of London called the Harringay Ladder. These are consecutive rows of residential streets linked perpendicularly by roads at the top and bottom. The would-be rungs run east to west; they don’t lie, it’s a ladder on the map! This is where I experienced my culture […]

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Wool Felting

Crafting, that was once such a big part of my life, has fallen by the wayside recently in exchange for exploring, fitness, and pursuing other ambitions in life. With that said, I still like to finish what I start… It’s wool felting and here’s what happens: you take a raw wool, which, as you can […]

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Leicester Square Sidestreets

Leicester Square is theatres, shopping, more shopping, and in my case venturing away from the shopping! This guy (below) and like big-brands, as well as a Swiss glockenspiel that draws crowds on the hour, can be found in the colorful and bustling Square. The last-minute ticket booth is probably the only real reason I would […]

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What’s in Ilford?

With some friends coming to the UK in May, a few weeks ago, before spring began to bloom, I decided to check out the area of town where they found accommodation. Before this, I’d never heard of Ilford. It’s apparently an up and coming area of East London. In making the trek out to this […]

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Southend Pier

Yes, you guessed it, I went for another day at the ocean. It’s hard not to when there are beaches only 45mins by train from my home in North London. As I understand it, there are many oceanfront towns one can visit nearby; let’s just say I’m starting with the ones that are closest. Southend […]

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Oxford Circus Shopping

Sticking to the Piccadilly Line is proving difficult… here’s to exploring, instead, wherever the spirit moves me to. When you pop up out of Oxford Circus station, like at many of London’s central stations, you are immediately confronted with crowds, noise, SHOPPING! and options… so many options. Knowing that shopping isn’t my thing, I waited […]

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Finsbury Park Bagels

I visited Finsbury Park a few weeks ago under the cover of snow as you’ll recall. It monopolizes the space between Finsbury Park and Manor House Tube stations. It’s a great place for wandering, snacking, tennis, boat rentals, dog walking and general park activities, but this is not my reason for bringing you to Finsbury […]

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With a life currently lived on strategy, working towards goals, and trying to create the change I’m looking for in my life, I decided recently to park the strategic and analytical side of things, and just go on feeling for a few days. In doing so, I found myself called to the ocean. Naturally, it’s […]

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