Wool Felting

Crafting, that was once such a big part of my life, has fallen by the wayside recently in exchange for exploring, fitness, and pursuing other ambitions in life. With that said, I still like to finish what I start… It’s wool felting and here’s what happens: you take a raw wool, which, as you can […]

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Wool Art

When trying a new craft you always have to be a bit flexible!! After receiving a bundle of pretty dyed raw wool for Christmas, with the intention of wet felting, it, a friend and I learned a few things about the process. If you’re interested in the specifics of the whole process, there are very […]

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Less is More!

The joys of wallpaper, I think these joys come in not having any! Ok, this is not entirely true, some of the modern wallpapers are fun for an accent wall or as part of up-cycling furniture. Not this stuff: In the case of my kitchen, I’d be referring to the ugly wallpaper border that’s graced […]

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Matcha Scrub

I’m not sure about where you live, but in my neck of the woods, with a never ending supply of dog walks in freezing cold temperatures, by March my skin is rough and scaly. Ok, that sounds gross… It’s not that bad, but I’m certainly ready for warmer seasons that are kinder to my skin. […]

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I haven’t been too crafty yet in March; I’ll need to find a way to do this with purpose as I’m on a clutter-less path at the moment. Maybe it’s a need for spring cleaning or more likely it’s the feeling that I’ve been packing around past lives into my current reality and I finally realized […]

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March in Green

You’ve heard, I’m sure, of the February blues? Well what about the March greens? With leprechauns, clovers and spring being right around the corner, I always feel like blog posts in March should have a green theme …Here goes! Despite hope for the first signs of spring, realistically this is still weeks away. Dog walking remains […]

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Beach Dreams…

A week ago today I was in Cuba, actually Havana to be precise! It was lush in greenness and warm, even humid! With six friends I spent a week relaxing on the beach, touring the city, catching up on novels and capturing Vitamin D that is so hard to find when you’re all bundled up […]

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Another house challenge (pt 2)

Onwards goes the bathroom project, only now if you can’t handle dust you’re not not allowed in my bathroom for the time being! Applying polyfilla, letting it dry and sanding it, is a process I have on repeat, like a broken record! My goal is a flattish seam. That’s right, you heard me: I’m no […]

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Another house challenge (pt 1)

Since moving into my house a few years ago, the main bathroom has remained the pinkish-salmon colour that I’ve always hated. It was chosen by the former owners. This, I think, is a tide-me-over project until I decide to gut and entirely re-do the bathroom. I’m always up for a project and I thought that this one should […]

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Friday Flowers

It’s that time of year when flowers in my office are blooming but there’s no hope of blooms outside. You may have seen me post pictures of this delightful orange flower before, but that’s what happens when it looks like this outside… In warmer news, I’m off to Cuba today for an escape of winter […]

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