Friday Flowers

Is it spring yet??? I’m trying to channel summer with this post! I like to buy coconut cultured milk (aka coconut yogurt) but I find it expensive and really delicious. I could easily eat a whole container in one sitting, but that’s not good for anyone! To avoid this, I decided to make use of […]

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Cuban Ron

The best, and frankly most affordable thing to bring home from Cuba, is rum. As my travel companions didn’t speak much Spanish, Cuban Ron (translation “rum”) was personified throughout our travels, making for some entertaining jokes contributing to our ongoing travel story. Cuban Ron, as you can imagine, was invited to most of our vacation […]

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Winter Roasted Pepper Soup

There’s nothing like warm soup on a cold day. Let’s talk roasted red pepper soup as a final installment on the red pepper band wagon I’ve been on for quite some time now! Just as a reminder if you missed that post, I highly recommend roasting your peppers in the BBQ. One, you’ll have your […]

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Friday Flowers

January, isn’t the most floral of months in my neck of the woods, but I’m determined to capture what’s out there for Friday Flowers posts! I made these for an event in December, but they’ll do for today… Have a great day!

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Asian Red Pickles

Is it weird to start off this New Year with posts not unrelated to where I left off in three months ago? Well weird or not, what I put into jars and the freezer then, are oh so welcome now that there is a blanket of snow frozen over everything outside now. The bright colours […]

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Flaked Peppers

In the first week that I lived in the Arctic, it was late August and also harvest season and I was craving zucchini and red peppers for a stir-fry. I went to the store only to find that the produce sold there was cellophane wrapped to a Styrofoam meat tray. You effectively didn’t get a […]

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Red and More Red!

Time flies when you’re having fun… hence the delay in getting my next post out. What can I say it’s harvest season¬†-my fav! That means you have to deal with the produce before it spoils. Writing about it can come later… or now in this case! I don’t know if it’s that I’ve lived in […]

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Lett-uce Preserve!

No I’m not making lettuce jam or preserves, but instead preparing it to keep for later use! Who says you can’t freeze lettuce and keep it for the future?¬†The key is not to defrost it too quickly or heat it in the thawing process. Clearly its consistency is going to change – and to start […]

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Tacos a la Lettuce

Tacos just got a whole lot healthier in my house. There’s no more need for corn or flour shells with the abundance of lettuce I have growing! Now I know these pictures don’t look like much once the yummy contents are wrapped in purple lettuce leaves, but here you go: I recommend giving it a […]

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Green Smoothies

If you can put Kale in smoothies, what’s to say you can’t put lettuce in them as well? Here’s my “Can’t Taste the Lettuce” Smoothie: 1/4 mango 1 nectarine 1/2 cup strawberries 1 cup coconut milk 3 cups romaine Puree in blender until all green leafy bits are gone. It leaves this light colour and […]

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