HSH in the house

I’ve always found I’ve been capable of making the most unattractive, small and challenging rental spaces into comfortable and inviting homes for the time that I’ve lived there. A little paint, a little sewing and a little effort can go a long way! The challenge I find with my current home is that it’s not a rental, so the projects seem more permanent – a little daunting – and thus I feel that the choices I make should represent that permanency.

Now enter the DIY project: to me these are a temporary fix on a bad situation. Having recently joined Pinterest and scoured the site for fun ideas, it’s still only the bricks and mortar type projects that appear less crafty and more permanent to me. Others, I deem more appropriate for kids rooms etc. You know, where there is an inevitable change to come…

In the spirit of “use what you have” and “buy it on the cheap” I have some cheap fixes in mind, but I’m yet to see how long they will last, before a more permanent solution is found. Or maybe I’ll succumb to the fact that these are in fact great solutions and perfect additions to the home that don’t need a constant re-vamp. Only time will tell.

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